The funeral of Austrian President


When we heard of the loss of president Klestil, the Austria's president, according to his intimate relations with president Khatami, I got the mission to participate at his funeral and respect him.


The ceremony was yesterday, Saturday.  Early in the morning all delegations went to presidential palace. Our embassy's driver did not know where to go. The policeman who was responsible for us talking to our driver in German language which had lots of "Sh" and "Kh" sounds!! The driver said "ok" and it was obvious that he hadn’t understood. In our wonder, the Austrian policeman started talking in Persian language to the driver giving him required explanations. We were so amazed and then we recognized that his father is Iranian while his mother is Austrian.  

All the delegates were taken into a bus, many presidents, crown princes, ministers and prime ministers and vice presidents were all in a bus.


The ceremony was being held at a big church. The crown prince of Spain, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands and I were beside each other. We talked a lot. They were cute and so simple. Then we went to the presidential palace. Everybody was entertained in a room. I had a short talk with Mr. Putinhe. He promised to come to Iran as soon as possible. 130 persons were accompanying him. From America, Arnold Schwarzenegger the action actor of Hollywood who is Austrian in origin and has recently became the governor of California was there. 


In ways where we were passing by people, they were respecting and showing their love to their late president more than any other presidents and princes.


In central cemetery of Vienna which is such a vast cemetery and was established after the First World War, they took us walking behind the late president's body for a long way. I was so tired but the former United Nation's president and former Austria's president at the age of 80 was much more energetic that all of us.   

When Klestil was buried and we put a bunch of flower at his grave, we offered our condolences to his wife and children. His wife talked about Klestil's love for Khatami and that he was supposed to establish an institute with the help of some countries including Khatami after his presidency in which they follow up the issue of dialogue among civilizations as a fact.

Klestil was died 36 hours before his term was due to end.. At the time of his presidency and with hard works of our active ambassador in Austria Mr. Nabavi, the economic relations have got to its highest level.

And at the night the correspondent of News magazine came to me for an interview. It was so interesting that he knew all my information from my website.


Mr. Klestil has sent his last letter to president Khatami. In his letter he has said: "starting this part of my life, I will remain active in international relations by establishing an office and I will work on not only mutual relations of Iran and Austria but also on following intercultural and interreligious Dialogue.

Pity that he couldn’t do these things!


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