Pakistan, Turkey and We


Two interesting events have happened on our two borders. In Turkey in a very democratic and free election, the islmaists managed to get the vote of people and still the selected islamist has said that he will rule the country based on the secular constitution. In Pakistan, a military general who has been running the country for 8 years and has gained the power through coup, has let two of his opponents who had been prime ministers each for a period of time to come back to their country and they are going to take part in the election and get the power again. This is the capacity which can be witnessed in our neighboring countries who are muslims and do not enjoy a long history, specially Pakistan who has a lot of extremist violent-seeking groups.

These experiences are beneficial for the officials who are worried about practicing freedom in Iran. Closing political atmosphere, taking aggressive approach against students, workers, women, internet, youth and political activists is dangerous for the security of the country. If all can take part in running the country through a legalized system and people and political activists feel they are influential, the national security would be more guaranteed. Iranians have proved to enjoy more capacity for tolerance as compared with Turkish and Pakistanis throughout the history.



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