Yesterday's Slogans and the Present Parliament and Government's Behavior


Once when the present parliament had just started working, I read in newspaper that the new MPs, contrary to the former ones, are going to preserve the public fund. It was also written that one of the MPs fainted due to hard work and not eating fruit or anything. President also talked a lot about that point that using private flight and private plane is against public treasury and that trips should be made through ordinary gate and not VIP gate. Many of those who love this country said at that moment that to revenge from the past, we should not give promises which are not practical. Some days ago it was said in the news that a private cook has been employed for the president's party. After one or two trips, the president made his trips by private planes. The holidays of the parliament, their foreign trips and special fuel card allocated were also either like the past or even more. The advertisements made at that moment made people pessimistic about the former parliament and government. What is practiced and what was promised makes people pessimistic about the present officials. As a result people would think that all are bad. Those who are following the ones who enfeeble the regime should look into such comments more carefully to get more results.



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