Ms. Bhutto and worrying future of Pakistan


The assassination of Ms Bhutto made the whole world sad. The first time I saw her was around 20 years ago. I had gone to Pakistan along with Mr. Karoobi who was the spokesman to the parliament at that time. She was the head of oppositions at that time too. At night in the formal ceremony we were sitting with her mother on a table. I was deputy to the Minister of Guidance. The mother of Bhutto, whose husband was also murdered, could speak Persian fluently. He was from the old families of Nasr Abad in Isfahan. I also have read the memories of Ms. Bhutto seven or eight years ago. That is a beautiful book which shows she had an extraordinary character. She was educated and a politician respected by her people. She was more popular than her father who was the prime minister and was overthrown by the coup of Ziaol Hagh and was murdered later. Her fans were both Shiite and Sunni. The main part of her character was her tolerance which is drastical need of Pakistan. If she could take part in the coming election which is to be held next week, she could save Pakistan from the pressure of army men and talebanism terrorism. The army men and Al-Qaida terrorists did not wish her to become president since she was a moderate and anti-violent figure. Their cooperation was the reason of her assassination. Politics is a violent and bitter world. When she was assassinated all were asking who will substitute her, What would happen to her party, Election will be held on its time or not. No one talked about her features or the sadness of her family anymore. Pakistan will suffer from difficult days after her assassination. If Al-Qaida is introduced by the army men as the agents, the world will not trust nuclear Pakistan where terrorists are so powerful and if it is revealed that this has been carried out by army men, the established democracy of Pakistan will vanish. She was an undeniably important figure for this region.



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