I Wish Velayati Would Get the Definite Right


The issue of nuclear challenge is still the main threat to the country and except in the media of Iran, everywhere in the world, the stories of Israel attack against Iran are among the top news. It seems that some are accepting that these sanctions and God forbidden military attack is very dangerous for the country. Meanwhile, Mr. Velayati who is the consultant to leader in international affairs, away from these quarrels and due to being the minister of foreign affairs for years, seems to be following facts better and by using a diplomatic language he wants to make the world understand that Iran can discuss the European package by negotiation. If instead of the government, realistic potentials like Mr. Velayati, who have the diplomatic experience of extremely complicated negotiations of resolution 598 at the end of Iran-Iraq war, would manage the case before it becomes a national crisis, it would be so favourable. Due to his position, surely Velayati is not afraid of accusations such as compromise and fear from enemies and he is famous enough so that he would not endanger the country for the sake of attracting fame. Realistic approach is a national need in the dangerous conditions of the country and it is a need for preserving Iran.



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