Anybody boycotted previous election, now invites people to participate


Decreasing the wave of election boycott is one of the most important political events in this term. In previous election, vast boycott caused difficulties in recent 4 years so an incredible gift was presented to the president. Several days ago I saw a group of students who had collected nearly 500 signatures to boycott election in previous election. Now most of them try to invite people to the election. Even one of them had just come out of prison and explained painful stories about prison. They were really frustrated for Mr. Masoud Dehghan, Mahdi Mashayekhi and Abbas Hakim. Struggle to release them from prison is the most serious action that political and civil activists, especially presidential candidates should accomplish. Unfortunately during election controversies, pressures on body or soul of captivated students have been forgotten. Now they are really active in the subject of election. Most of the mentioned group was supporting from Mr. Karobi because human right slogans are more obvious in his words than the others. Most of the political activist women, who are in the 1 million signature campaign, have started to invite people to the election. Even foreign media are speaking about boycott less than previous terms. This is a good opportunity. Presence of two well known reformist candidates can attract various people with various opinions to prevent boycott of election so that not let to the Ahmadi Nejad's victory in the first round. On the other hand it is completely obvious the efforts to make a change in all over the country. Even we can see frustration and fear of Mr. Ahmadi Nejad's adherents. Physical and media attacks to the reformist's advertisement meetings show the mentioned fear. Now nearly the entire of people can be hopeful to have another president for next 4 years.



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