It was a huge swindling


There was a lot of difference between yesterday and last night. Yesterday Iran was joyful because of changing the fate. Every body participated in. But last night was a shocking and bitter night. Like 4 years ago, Fars news agency and Keyhan announced news. It was unbelievable. Little by little news became as heavy as a mountain in front of every body that had seen it was not real. At the same time Mr. Mosavi announced his victory in election. But information was formal and it was announced around the world and nation was anxious. It was more important than cheating. Some ones call it a white coup. I was in contact with various committees. It was not possible to sleep. I went to visit Mr. Karobi two times, once at 2 a.m. I talked with many friends in Mr. Mosavi's committee. Everybody was shocked. Whenever I had opportunity I connected to the face book. Friends, who were checking the results second by second, were really upset. They desired I had hopeful comments but I didn’t. It was difficult situation. Mr. Ahmadi Nejad's supporters captured the city despite demonstration was prohibited. I slept 2 or 3 hours. I went to Mr. Khatami's office in the morning. He had just come from a meeting and he was going to one another. I read the statement of Mr. Mosavi. It was really obvious. Then I went to the Mr. Karobi's office. He was writing his statement too. I interviewed with Persian BBC. I analyzed the obvious cheating. It was a huge swindling. Election was planned so wisely. From one hand it made a new record of voting as it broke the previous record of Mr. Khatami who had gained more votes in second term of his presidential election and Mr. Ahmadi Nejad should gain more than him. Also they would like to destroy Mr. Mosavi and his companions. Another important part of scenario was the story of Mr. Karobi's 300'000 ballots. Although Mr. Karobi had a fixed huge number of votes, they considered 300'000 votes for him avoiding others to say such democratic mottos. Meanwhile information of other towns was showing at least equal votes for Mr. Mosavi and Ahmadi Nejad. If we don’t forget it again we should learn that reform and non- governmental movements can not improve condition by voting cases. It is expected that candidates especially Mr. Mosavi who has announced himself as winner of election, can get result of their efforts. It seems they would like to request another election. I don’t know if it is possible or not. How ever society is full of amazement and shocking. Young generation, who wanted to define him/her in this system, now is bitterly despairing. Again youngsters will think about immigration and thousands other things… how ever world won't be finished by such events… we should try not to fall.



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