Travel to Rasht and electoral lectures


Today I went to the Quran museum. My dear friend, Mr. Ahmad Masjed Jameeii holds a meeting in the occasion of Zahra's Martyrdom every year and invites artists and Mr. Khatami. Mr. Khatami had a pretty lecture about Zahra. Seraj, good singer of our country, presented a sorrowful song. Yesterday I was in Rasht to speech in the committee of Mr. Karobi. I had an interview with journalists and a public lecture. I was talking with Mr. Tavasoli on the route as he was going to Rasht to have speech in supporting Mr. Mosavi. He said: freedom movement has supported reformist candidates in general. I replied seriously joking: freedom movement should support Mr. Karobi because of emotional and political reasons. He said in brief that they acted cautiously. I replied: probably the others have learned from you who are oldest political organization so they acted cautiously when you faced with problem so they didn’t support freedom movement or supported it ambiguously. During the public meeting in Rasht firstly I reminded Zahra's martyrdom and departure of ayatollah bahjat as a cleric from Gilan land, and then I spoke about necessity of change also about trying to prevent of competitor's victory in first round by presence of various candidates. Yesterday morning before leaving Tehran I went to Great Prophet University in shahrak gharb and I had a small lecture there for students. In Rasht meeting I advised usual suggestion that we didn’t let any difference or destroying inside of reform front. Some ones said it was so good if both would be kind. In part of question and answer except some serious discussions, few supporters of government spoke about good foreign policy in recent 4 years. They reasoned to Nahj- ol- balaghe. I replied that foreign policy of a government can't be related to the holy books like Nahj ol balaghe. One of Mr. Mosavi's friends, who had a green band and talked respectfully, was trying to search about reasons I didn’t support Mr. Mosavi. I replied: in current situation I don’t criticize Mr Mosavi and I don’t speak about whatever you insist. I just explained my reasons to support Mr. Karobi. There is good electoral excitement in towns. It is really hopeful.   a large number of Mr. Karobi's fans and youngsters who participated in the meeting, insisted on reform basis and they were really motivated. The round flight was cancelled so I had to come back by automobile.


Electoral web sites


Last presidential election was war of web sites. I think web sites are less active than previous time but again the most active field about candidates news is virtual and cyber environment, except Mr. Ahmadi Nejad who has complete access to the television and radio. Mr. Mohsen Rezaii has one of the most famous news web sites: Tabnak is a well-known name among News web sites. Mr. Ahmadi Nejad doesn’t have any web site directly but Raja News and Kalameh News, Emtedad Mehr and public support network are web sites which support him. Official web site of Kalameh belongs to Mr. Mosavi and Ghalam news is web site of his committee.   Phone number 8393 has been dedicated to contact with Mir Hussein mosavi and Mowj4 is web radio and television which his committee has been innovated. Mr. Karobi's supporters have made so many network facilities. Saham News is a news web site. Triboon, Mahdi Karobi's supporter's campaign, voice of women, Mashroote news, Nakhostin, taghiir and mabidarim web site, also his personal web site are supporting him. In the face book also the page of we are awake are page of Mr. Karobi's supporters. Its name points to his sleep in previous election. Mr. Karobi's fans have an innovation in the virtual environment which is a web site named photo land which is a photography competition about street children and potatoes and anyone can send photo to it. There is an extraordinary excitement. They blocked face book exactly because of that and fortunately it reopened because public opinion assumed it an anti- electoral behavior. It is good that it reopened and it is good because election is approaching and it will be good if some one will be elected in election that won't block face book and the other similar sites. Save address of electoral websites until election and check them regularly and read them. It is the term of politic and it is necessity to know any opinion.


They smell your hands to know whether you have clicked Facebook


Shamloo, the great Iranian poet, says in his famous poem: they smell your mouth to know whether you have said I love you. Now they smell your hand to know whether you have clicked Facebook. Yesterday I was going toward Tabriz airport to have an electoral lecture there. I received more than ten text messages about filtering of Facebook in Iran.  I felt really sorry. Facebook is the biggest social network around the world that everybody had been in it to talk and send messages. Iranian youngsters, who are pioneer in ethical using of virtual world, had a great participation in this network.  Approached to the presidential election, lack of suitable media, they were using this opportunity to advertise 4 remained candidates to encourage more people to participate in the election. Every body was in it. They realized the media can help to change management of country but late. Any government, who wants to increase number of voters in the election to show the world its nation has the highest presence in election, opens the ways of civil advertisement. But it seems president's adherents ordered to filter the site because they are horrified by presence of people. It was a great opportunity for anybody who was interested to have a role in the country's destiny. The best users of Facebook were Iranian users. Even who hates from politic had an ethical behavior in Facebook and had their healthiest leisure time. They would like only their voice would be heard. Any other voice is intolerable for them. Yesterday I wrote my last note on Facebook and appreciated more than 3000 friends that I had found in it in recent months. I wish administrators and even presidential candidates were realizing how horrible clump is filtering Facebook for young generation who lost the lovely opportunity. It was painful news for youngsters and educated generation of Iran. Where will we go really?


Election and using religion as usual


I have written previously that my cell phone number is among contacts of some of Mr. Ahmadi Nejad's adherents. Although they access great media like television and radio and state newspapers, they also are using short messages too and whenever they send to all their messages, I receive them too. They are really funny. Most of them are great deceits and they try to prove Ahmadi Nejad's government is the most successful government in the history. Most of them are advertising poems or sentences. I have kept them all. In the poems and sentences they insist to prove that God is satisfied by Ahmadi Nejad presidency and his opponents are opponents of God and Imam. Such abusing of religion has turned to a current style. We have seen its negative effects on religion and people's beliefs however it seems it is too delicious and they prefer damaging religion and society's beliefs but they win the election. one of these poems says: right front wins by grace of Imam Ali/ right front wins day by day/ we are fans of Ahmadi Nejad and of course enemies don’t like our opinion… the other one says : vote of Mahdi's lovers : again Ahmadi Nejad. And another one: we want Ahmadi Nejad. Why? As we want Malek ashtar kind friend of Imam Ali. In the previous elections we were witness of the same kind using of religion but it seems it has turned to a continual tradition for Ahmadi Nejad's fans. These days we have seen abuses by the name of religion, God and prophet. Nothing makes nation to be far from religion as   its using to get temporary political objectives. Society can not forget the story of seventh parliament. There had been said after the election of seventh parliament that Imam Mahdi has signed the list of names of parliament's members. Guardian council rejected a number of them by political or none political reasons at the end of seventh parliament. Unfortunately we as reformists are doing the unpleasant behavior too. Green color is a pretty sign but it won't be right when Mr. Mosavi says it shows he connects to the holy imams. It is not expected from reformists who always have opposed of using religion for temporary political objectives. Such styles are similar to fans of Ahmadi Nejad's manners and it is better to leave it for them. In election some one will be elected and he can be good or bad for country. Election doesn’t have any relation to the God's anger or satisfaction. Let's try to focus on finding some one who is better for country to select him.


By more presence in election we can take out the wrapped gift of Ahmadi Nejad's hands


Yesterday guardian council and interior ministry announced formally names of Mr. Ahmadi Nejad, Mohsen Rezaii, Karobi and Mir Hussein Mosavi as presidential candidates. So Iran's election entered into its most serious stage. Regretfully there was not name of Mr. Aalami as a brave political Iranian character among them but it was predicted only 4 above candidates would be announced. One of the most important historical times for Iran's nation has started from today till day of election. All of us have a historical responsibility because of Iran and people who live in it who should tolerate various problems and because of Iranian reputable name all around the world. We should try to encourage people to participate more in election. The only way to make a change in current situation is greater participation in election. Any kind of boycott or rejection is the best gift to present to current president. Although president is a candidate from today, he doesn’t want to meet ethical principles and ignoring his state facilities to promotion. Any body who knows social affairs or aware of surveys, know that the number of voters to Ahmadi Nejad has been finished and it wont be increased more. Participation of the others can make a change. Any body who doesn’t like many things or doesn’t want to support ruling in Iran should note that in this election there is future of Iran and nation is based upon presence in election neither support the ruling. Last night I had a comprehensive interview in the al- Arabia television about election. also I was following the other news networks. All of them have some news about Iran's election because of announcing the name of 4 candidates. Unfortunately most of them had false information about high probability of Ahmadi Nejad's victory in this election. I explained that the false information comes from inside of Iran. I believe that if people have a historical presence in election any of other candidates can change the situation at least in second round of election. All of us have a historical responsibility in this step and we should attract more voters in the election by showing capabilities of the other candidates to the people.


Fundamentalists are in the line of Ahmadi Nejad's supporters


I went to the office of Mr. Khatami today early morning. He had come from Saudi Arabia the day before .  it is tradition to go for visit of who came from Mecca. He was welcomed among participants in the conference. Also he has had a private and long visit with king of Saudi Arabia Malek Abdullah. None state characters who are respected in all around the world are an invaluable possession for nation. I remembered to say "I wish God accept" at the time of greeting. God blessed Mr. Mahmud Salehi who was a cute lecturer in Tehran. Once he told that he forgot suitable sentence at the time of visiting Hajji and whatever he tried he didn’t remember so he had told "I wish you would be healthy". We talked about election and current situation. When I came out of his office I saw many girls with green clothes. They were supporters of Mr. Mosavi. We talked a lot. As usual they insisted on Mr. Karobi's rejection. Although Mr. Karobi was announced his nomination before Mr. Mosavi, I don’t know why no body says the sentence vise versa. I told them presence of both is essential. I think most of them accepted. We decided to negotiate more. The most important factor is taking election environment into the society.  Sending Email or short message to each other in our closed environment can not solve the problem. It is interesting as anybody who is frustrated about country's future is trying to make a change. It is a fact that fundamentalists know it too but they support Ahmadi Nejad by not announcing another candidate. But history and memory of society wont forget that fundamentalists' criticism from Ahmadi Nejad was not real and society knows them as co workers of Ahmadi Nejad.


It is heard the sound of competitor's guffaw


Unfortunately instead of being aware of competitor, in recent days there have been happened scattered disputes inside electoral environment of reform front. I don’t want to point them again because talking about them can intensify the situation which is made by competitor. In fact, in current situation we need an active and powerful presence by  both reformist candidates. Competitor of reform has started serious effort to use any of lawful and unlawful facilities to send Mr. Ahmadi Nejad in the first round to the presidential office. Practically Mr. Ahmadi Nejad will be able to obtain 50 percent of votes in first round easier because voters of any of reformist candidates don’t give their vote to the other reformist if their favorite candidate rejects presence in the election. In this historical situation undoubtedly whatever makes disputes in the reform front, is something that meets goals of competitor. I have talked with many impressive persons in electoral campaign of Karobi and Mosavi. Nearly all of them believe that in current situation- not because of people votes or motivation – but because of pressures by president supporters and their state power also because of lack in decision making, it is predicted that Mr. Ahmadi Nejad and one of reformist candidates enter in the second round of election. Victory of reformists is a really easy procedure in second round. Because of that any of candidates with any number of votes can make harder the victory of Mr. Ahmadi Nejad in first round of election. All of reformists and anybody who want change in the country should advertise for his/ her favorite candidate and prevents from any kind of ruining in the reform front to make a double-round election so every body can support comprehensively from reformist candidate in second round. We should practice by looking at the action of reform leaders especially Mr. Mosavi and Mr. Karobi or Mr. Khatami with his great acceptance in society who advises prevention of destroying in society. There is no doubt that even if the competitors have not designed these disputes inside reform, certainly we can hear sound of their guffaw because such disputes are the way of Mr. Ahmadi Nejad's victory in the first round. Neither rejection of one of reformist candidates in favor of the other, nor destroying the front can help to the victory of reformists. I hope we would be so mature that not to be an unconscious tool for competitors and we would be able to accomplish the historical change because of Iran , our next generation and also because of ourselves.


Roxana's release, human dignity and political disputes


I heard the news about Roxana's release from one of news agencies. It made me happy. I would like to say congratulation to her and her family. I interviewed with her two times before but I didn’t have her phone number. I didn’t suppose that this young and frank girl changed to a famous international character regarding to our judiciary system, Obama and Iran's election.  Roxana's story was one of painful also regretful events from Islamic republic of Iran. It was announced various crimes for her respect to global and internal affairs, from trade of alcoholic beverage to interview without license and spying. It was not a good approach for judiciary system. It doesn’t make any confidence for this system which should be a source of confidence in the society also it damages the respect of judgment. Basically it is the most immoral approach that souls and freedom of people would trade in political events and international affairs. If political events wont be effective on human's dignity and judgment, we can claim that we respect them. In the story of Roxana Saberi, global interpretation and public opinion inside of country believed that a human named Roxana was traded. Some one, who was convicted to 8 years in prison, today was released and she should go out of country as soon as possible. Several years ago we experienced the same story about British marines. They were introduced as aggressors once morning but another evening they hugged president and they were said farewell with full kindness. Iran's people suffer from foreigners so much. Also many people have been convicted because they are fans of foreigners and they have been accused as they are afraid of foreigners. The worst style for lack of independence in country is that the fate of judiciary system will be impressed by trade with foreigners. Roxana release was a good doing but entering judiciary system in the route of political trades is a big sign of fear and lack of independence. Probably they interpret such subject as Iran's huge power. Such various scales cause to decrease sensitivity to the foreigners meddling as less as possible. Mr. Ahmadi Nejad is the president of government and he requests from dependent judiciary system before his travel to the Geneva for participation in a conference about campaign against racial discrimination to review in her file. Judiciary system accepts his request. It was the beginning of political trade about soul and freedom of a human. In the continue they announced she convicted to 8 years in prison accused to spying and USA president opposed seriously with it, then foreign minister of Japan came to Iran and at the end she was released. If Iran's internal affair especially election would be effective in this trade , it can induce to the world that Iran's next president is some one who trades anything , so it will be a huge disaster. In addition to the event it is painful and humiliating too  if some one can save from crimes only because of having foreigner passport and supporting by foreign governments but what about the arrested students or women or labors who have only Iranian Id card.  Another surprising subject in the file of Ms Saberi and before that the story of Ms Haleh Esfandiari , was their admission to leave the country despite of their conviction… it was a funny considerable matter…!


Accompanying Mr. Karobi to register in election


Today was the day to be registered reformists. Today morning Mr. karbaschi, Ms kadivar , Mr. abbas abdi and I accompanied Mr. Karobi to register.  We accompanied him to announce once again we have important and considerable reasons for selection Karobi as reformist candidate in current situation. His electoral films director insisted his wife accompanied him too. Regarding she has been an independent character and has done her social activities independently; her companionship for registering was not good manner. He didn’t do whatever his director had said. Ms kadivar and I went with Mr. Karobi's automobile. Mr. Karobi talked about his good support by towns. In previous election he was criticized why he didn’t let others know rate of his votes. And politicians said like this time that he doesn’t have vote. But result was various. Today's newspaper had been put in his car. We were looking at headlines. In the national confidence news paper it was written quoting by Ahmadi Nejad that he doesn’t have any electoral committee. I made joking with Mr. Karobi that you can say in your interviews that we wish we TV and radio and government would be ours so we wouldn’t need any committees. Mr. Karobi was so sensitive to the headline the speech of guard army's manager who divide basij to military and non military. It was obvious that he wanted to take position about that. After registration he talked about the matter in his interview and warned guards and guardian council to prevent from meddling in the election. Journalist of jaam e jam news paper supposed he insulted to the guards by his words. When he took his turn to speak, he protested to Mr. Karobi. 4 or 5 persons who were sitting in various places of hall clapped for him and Mr. Karobi answered smartly that it is good to clap for him but it is obvious that you are 4 – 5 persons. Don’t assume every body clapped for him. Then entire of the participants clapped for Mr. Karobi. You can read Karobi's interview here. When we were coming out with Mr. Karobi, Mr. Mosavi wanted to come for registering. Many people were standing in front of internal affair ministry holding big photos of Mr. Mosavi and Mr. Khatami. God grace the result of election can change the current situation in the country.


Presence of various candidates, prevention from the plot of Ahmadi Nejad victory in first round


 With many efforts which is accomplishing to elect Mr. Ahmadi Nejad in first round we should try to invite anyone we know to participate in election. We have to ask from Mr. Karobi, Mosavi and even Mohsen Rezaii to remain till end to destroy the hope of Mr. Ahmadi Nejad to obtain more than 50 percent in the first round.  Especially in current situation when Mr. Karobi and mosavi don’t try to help each other and different people are trying to talk with adherents of change and we have not been able to have candidate like Mr. Khatami who can get sound of change to the body of society. Second round of election is too bitter for Mr. Ahmadi Nejad's fans and it is too comfortable for any reformist candidate who has got to the second round. It seems that rejection of any of candidates can't cause votes of the other candidates increased but it can decrease the number of participants in the election so it cause to elect Mr. ahamadi Nejad more easily. It is correct that mr ahamdi Nejad can not get 50 percent of votes with any view to any of groups and any calculation but we should remember that Ms. Fateme Rajabi has called him miracle of third millennium. It is possible to happen a miracle and so it makes possible any impossible. We have the power to cancel the miracle. The only solution is that participate with high number to destroy the plot in first round. It is our national duty to invite every body to the election without regarding whom fans we are.



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